Modern and Environmentally Friendly Boilers Use Gasoline From Shells Fiber Empty Bunches and Biogas

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With a membrane wall Equipment the Palm Oil Boiler Manufacturer supplies modern boiler merchandise that are more effectual in gas consumption and reduces the traditional problem of collapsing kitchen walls on accepted boilers in general.
The Oil Palm Boiler Brand is the Uncommon Agent in Indonesia for boilers with the “Atlas” Combi Boiler and “Empire” Water Tube Boilers produced by Strengthen Boilers Sdn Bhd. These two boilers have a difference in the passionate about of the steam they produce. For the Combi Boiler, the production potential can triumphant 20 tons per hour, while the Water Tube can triumphant 65 tons per hour.
Jonan Tandi, Director of the Oil Palm Boiler Company defined that this boiler uses modern know-how with a membrane wall equipment on the Partitions This membrane wall gadget uses minimal flint, thereby decreasing the problem of collapsing stone partitions in the boiler kitchen. Crumbling stone is a vintage problem that occurs in palm oil mill boilers, and results in a long time and costs in repairing it, thus disrupting the operational activities of the palm oil mill.

Another technological know-how used is an inverter for the vehicles in ID Fan and FD Fan. Then, this boiler minimizes the use of paper because it has used a paperless boiler chart recorder so as to create an environmentally friendly boiler product. This boiler has also applied grime collector science which can produce ash particles below 150 mg / Nm3.
Jonan Tandi explained that in addition to using gas from palm oil waste such as shells, fiber, and empty bunches, the Enhance boiler has also been produced with gasoline derived from palm oil waste gas (biogas). PT.Asitor Eka Karya This boiler has been running well in Indonesia. By using a boiler fueled with biogas, it will be more productive in combustion and cut back pollutants levels.
With 250 Worker's the Oil Palm Boiler Company seeks to boom the added value of its boilers by maintaining the quality and speed of after-sales service to Purchasers Jonan Tandi pronounced that the company has a strong team spread across company branches such as Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Palembang, Jambi, Jakarta and Pangkalan Bun. Specifically for Medan and Pangkalan Bun, the brand already has a complete workshop with Sumitomo boiler tubes stock and complete machinaries for the repair of all boiler brands.
Another after-sales service is engaging in ongoing working towards to corporate Clientele both in-house practicing and actual on site working towards at the factory.
Not only protecting technical Training the manufacturer also combines it by inviting exterior professional running shoes to building up the experience of boiler clients in the fields of Control Management and motivation.
According to Jonan Tandi, boiler pleasure are very competitive relating to to other Products notably since they are equipped with modern Era There are three aspects that determine boiler Costs inclusive of boiler Capacity purported to according to consumer Necessities and installing Portray The typical price for boilers is around Rp 3 billion-Rp 12 billion per unit.
Going forward, the Oil Palm Boiler Manufacturer will continue to provide boilers according to consumer hobbies and Needs In particular boilers that are technologically effectual and can boost the productiveness of palm oil Generators This is part of the company's dedication to give a boost to a sustainable palm oil Market