Microsoft 365 Its Not True Cloud Computing Is It

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When Microsoft decided to enter the Cloud Computing market in 2008 it was lagging behind its major competitors who had already been operating their own Cloud Computing services for several years. It also forgot one very important part of the concept, to place the software and applications in the cloud.

Cloud Computing - The concept

For those of you new to the idea of Cloud Computing the theory is you pay a provider to provide you with a service that meets all your IT needs including software, applications, storage, web security, communications along with other tailor made services; basically everything you need to run your business that you access through a remote server. This means the service provider gets control the responsibility for making sure your IT use is optimal for the business at a cheaper price that one could run an IT department of your own.

The true Cloud computing service providers allow you to access all the information and applications within your account from anywhere whether it is in the office, by laptop from a remote laptop, netbook, notebook or mobile phone. get more info allow your staff to focus on documents instantly together; if there is multiple member of staff working together on a document they will see all edits and alterations to the document as they are applied.

That is one area where Microsoft 365 falls down to competitors like Google Apps; all the Microsoft 365 computers working inside a cloud still need their own installation of MSWord or other application installed on all of their computers, laptops or mobiles. This means whenever a document is opened it only appears using one computer therefore after alterations or edits you must save a copy of the document to the server and tell colleagues of the changes then they need to access the saved document in order to see any changes. This is time consuming and can lead to errors or the wrong document or information being used.

Are Microsoft right?

So have Microsoft first got it right? Although there are many followers of Microsoft 365 running their businesses successfully they may actually have the ability to improve productivity and profits with a different service provider. Google Apps is cheaper than Microsoft 365 and adding the difference in expense to the increased productivity and time savings could make a company more profitable and much more efficient.

My very own feelings are that Microsoft have not got Cloud Computing right, they watch their monopoly on the software and applications market slipping from them as companies realise there is no need for expensive packages, updates or licensing. Unlike true Cloud Computing providers, such as for example Google Apps, who already supply these much needed resources within the price of the package and presented as a more effectual resource.

Google Apps reap benefits?

Google Apps saw the huge benefits to be reaped by businesses using Cloud Computing services and created and continue steadily to create a positive IT experience whereas Microsoft 365 have jumped on the bandwagon with a more expensive and less effective Cloud Computing experience by juggling and shoehorning existing software, services and applications to their own interpretation of a cloud.